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League 1 Singles comp

Matchs will be played on a Saturday 23rd March listed below are the venues you willbe playing at, allplayers need to be at the venue for 19.30 prompt. Players will be espected to pay there entrance fee on the day to the organiser.


Round robin between the 6 players with the top 2 qualifing for finals, 501, best of 2 which will give you a 2/0 win = 2 points or 1/1 with gives 1 point each. In case of a tie then its 1 frame sudden death. 

Bar Fifty/ Sixty 

Group Winners

1 Rob Winslow

2 Michael Hendersson

Bar Se7en

Group Winners

1 Jay Cochrane

2 Kari 

Bar C2C

Group Winners

1 Matts Rishaug 

2 Dicky  Bart


Singles final will be held at C2C on Saturday April 13th 2019, 19.30 START.