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League 2019/2020

This years league will start on October 17th 2019,all matches start at 21.00,Bar owners are advised to tell your team captain that at the end of the match your result must be texted,failure to do so will result in a 2 point deduction, i am asking all bars to  whatts app where possible a picture of your teams result to my number.

This year we are running a player of the league, all bars must fill in the score sheet with full names so i can read it,for every frame a player wins he will receive 1 point and a league table will be produced, the player with the most points will go head to head with the winner of the Thursday league and be crowned Fuengirola player of the year, please note doubles do not count in the scoring system.

All result sheets must be Whatts Apped to me directly after you have finished your match any late resultsmayoccur a penalty.We are asking bar owners to take more responsibility this year as the teams plays from your bar and you alone will beheld accountable.

All players must be registered before a game, any one not registered will not be awarded any points in singles player of the year, to register before game either whatts app me or ring or text only.please don't tell me the morning after game as it will not be accepted.