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Singles 2017/2018

Here is the list of players playing in this years singles, it all starts Wednesday May 2nd 20.00 AT C2C, if you dont see your name and want to play then get in touch with me or Jason, after draw is done i will put together times for players to attend to stop you from hanging around,there will be a 30 minute window,players are asked to be on time so we can try and complete 2 rounds on Wednesday evening,also pairs will be on Friday 11th may same time and venue  

BWS Fuengirola pool singles results for Wednesdays games.

Fuengirola pool league singles results
Robbert Tester 3-2 Thomas Jack
Gary Mather 3-0 Barry Thorpe
Scott Rudkin 3-0 Pepo
Chris Poyet 0-3 James Maylon
Jesus Blanco 0-3 Carlos Albert
Ross Hedley 0-3 Jordan Abs
Ivan Moreno 0-3 Jason Abs
Felix Claros Gomez 2-3 Julian Abs
Jose Sorentta 0-3 Carlos Albert
Gary Mather 3-0 Michael Moylan
Steve Riley 3-2 Jordan Abs
Scott Rudkin 2-3 Juan Manuchtta
Geordie 3-0 James Maylon
Robert Tester 3-1 Gavin Loundon

Quarter Finals picks!!!!
Robert Tester
Gary Mather
Juan Manchutta
Jason Abs
Julian Abs
Stephen Patrick Riley
Carlos Albert