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Gold Cup 2019/2020

Monday gold cup

All legs must be played and there are no player of the year points,6-6 is a draw.
Round 2 February 24th 2020

Bye v C2C C
Club De Billar v Caribbean Crusaders
Busters Bar v Oscars
C2C A v Ponderosa A
Round 3 March 16th 2020

Ponderosa A v Bye
Oscars v C2C A
Club De Billar v Busters Bar
Caribbean Crusaders v C2C C  
Round 4 March 24th 2020 (Wednesday)

Bye v Caribbean Crusaders
Busters Bar v C2C C
C2C A v Club De Billar
Ponderosa A v Oscars
Round 5 April 13th 2020

Oscars v Bye
Club De Billar v Ponderosa A
C2C C v C2C A
Caribbean Crusaders v Busters Bar
Round 6 April 27th 2020

Bye v Busters Bar
C2C A v Caribbean Crusaders
Ponderosa A v C2C C
Oscars v Club De Billar

Round 7 May 6th 2020(Wednesday)

Club De Billar v Bye
C2C C v Oscars
Caribbean Crusaders v Ponderosa A
Busters Bar v C2C A