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Cup November 20th 2019

Cup Knockout 10 Euro (Top 4 Qualify to 1/4s rest play off)

Scott Crespo,Thomas and Robbie all byes into 1/4s 

Jayski v Joaquim 19.00

Ari v Barry 19.00

Julian v Jordan 19.45

Geordie v James 19.45

1/4s from 20.30

Round 7 November 27th 2019 

Jordan v Julian
Jayski v Crespo
Ari v Robbie
Scott v Geordie
Thomas v Barry
James v Joaguin

Round 8 November 27th 2019

Julian v Joaguin
Barry v James
Geordie v Thomas
Robbie v Scott
Crespo v Ari
Jordan v Jayski

Round 9 December 4th 2019

Jayski vJulian
Ari v Jordan
Scott v Crespo
Thomas v Robbie
James v Geordie
Joaguin v Barry

Round 10 December 4th 2019

Julian v Barry
Geordie v Joaguin
Robbie v James
Crespo v Thomas
Jordan v Scott
Jayski v Ari

Round 11 December 11th 2019

Ari v Julian
Scott v Jayski
Thomas v Jordan
James v Crespo
Joaguin v Robbie
Barry v Geordie 

Round 12 December 11th 2019

Julian v Ari
Jayski v Scott
Jordan v Thomas
Crespo v James
Robbie v Joaguin
Geordie v Barry

Cup Knockout December 18th 2019

Cup Knockout 10 Euro (Top 4 Qualify to 1/4s rest play off)

Round 13 January 8th 2020

Barry v Julian
Joaguin v Geordie
James v Robbie
Thomas v Crespo
Scott v Jordan
Ari v Jayski

Round 14 January 8th 2020

Julian v Jayski
Jordan v Ari
Crespo v Scott
Robbie v Thomas
Geordie v James
Barry v Joaguin

Round 15 January 15th 2020

Joaguin v Julian
James v Barry
Thomas v Geordie
Scott v Robbie
Ari v Crespo
Jayski v Jordan

Round 16 January 15th 2020

Julian v Jordan
Crespo v Jayski
Robbie v Ari
Geordie v Scott
Barry v Thomas
Joaguin v James 

Cup January 22nd 2020

Cup Knockout 10 Euro (Top 4 Qualify to 1/4s rest play off)

Round 17 January 29th 2020

James v Julian
Thomas v Joaguin
Scott v Barry
Ari v Geordie
Jayski v Robbie
Jordan v Crespo

Round 18 January 29th 2020

Julian v Crespo
Robbie v Jordan
Geordie v Jayski
Barry v Ari
Joaguin v Scott
James v Thomas

Round 19 February 5th 2020  

Thomas v Julian
Scott v James
Ari v Joaguin
Jayski v Barry
Jordan v Geordie
Crespo v Robbie

Round 20 February 5th 2020

Julian v Robbie
Geordie v Crespo
Barry v Jordan
Joaguin v Jayski
James v Ari
Thomas v Scott

Cup February February 12th 2020

Cup Knockout 10 Euro (Top 4 Qualify to 1/4s rest play off)

Round 21 February 19th 2020

Scott vJulian
Ari v Thomas
Jayski v James
Jordan v Joaguin
Crespo v Barry
Robbie v Geordie 

Round 22 February 19th 2020

Bye v Geordie
Barry v Robbie
Joaguin v Crespo
James v Jordan
Thomas v Jayski
Scott v Ari

Quarter Finals February 26th 2020

Finals March 4th 2020